Cast Adrift — cast announced

Adam J Smith and Primrose Bigwood have been confirmed as the leads for the short thriller, Cast Adrift, that is slated to begin full production in March 2015.   The supporting cast will include Beverley Hammett, Tucker Stevens and Rob Edwards.  Other parts will be taken by local actors Margaret Morgan, Caraleigh Bradley and Tom Windsor.

Cast Adrift is set around the murky dealings of a local man who is found dead in suspicious circumstances.

Writer and director, Jonathan Hirons, along with director of photography, Benjamin Hodder, will be filming at various locations in and around Seaton, East Devon.

Cast Adrift:  Adam J Smith

Adam J Smith

Cast Adrift:  Primrose Bigwood

Primrose Bigwood

Cast Adrift: Beverley Hammett

Beverley Hammett

Cast Adrift: Tucker Stevens

Tucker Stevens

Cast Adrift: Rob Edwards

Rob Edwards

Cast Adrift  DoP: Benjamin Hodder

Benjamin Hodder

Benjamin Hodder Showreel


Call for cast & crew

I’ve already had several people sign up for acting roles but would like to hear from anyone prepared to help on the technical side. Ideally I’d like

Assistant Director: help with scheduling, liaison on set
Photography: to act as director of photography – experience with video needed
Lighting: organise lighting and power on set indoors and outdoors
Sound: record sound on set
Production Manager: organise props, catering, location
Make up & costumes

If you would like to be considered for a role, they are as follows:

Joy – female 30-45, (requires some action scenes)
Colin male 30 -45 (requires some action scenes)
Morag female 30 – 45
Newscaster – male or female
Non-speaking – Policeman and Policewoman
Extra – journalist/photographer in a press conference

To apply. please complete this short form.

Coming together

Have made some contacts. and  have been in touch.  Spoke to Seaton Drama Group and they’re up for it!  Also have secured Rob Edwards (RSC, Lion King, Thick of It) for one of the roles

Now working on the pre-production detail.  Need lots of help on the crew side:  sound, lighting, make-up, catering etc etc

Final draft completed

After the usual fiddling about, I finally have a final draft of my new short film Cast Adrift.  It’s a film about betrayal based upon a script I wrote many years ago when making short film was an expensive business.  Now with a projected run time of 5 minutes, it’s a completely manageable project.

I now need to move into pre-production.  Most of the scenes are outdoors so I’ll be able to keep costs down.   I’ve worked out a budget which is mainly to feed the actors and crew, licenses and running about expenses.

Having recently moved into the area, I don’t have a pool of actors or crew to draw on so I’m going to approach the local dramatic societies to see if I can put a team together.

Stay tuned for updates


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