Call for cast & crew

I’ve already had several people sign up for acting roles but would like to hear from anyone prepared to help on the technical side. Ideally I’d like

Assistant Director: help with scheduling, liaison on set
Photography: to act as director of photography – experience with video needed
Lighting: organise lighting and power on set indoors and outdoors
Sound: record sound on set
Production Manager: organise props, catering, location
Make up & costumes

If you would like to be considered for a role, they are as follows:

Joy – female 30-45, (requires some action scenes)
Colin male 30 -45 (requires some action scenes)
Morag female 30 – 45
Newscaster – male or female
Non-speaking – Policeman and Policewoman
Extra – journalist/photographer in a press conference

To apply. please complete this short form.