About Buffalo Lounge

Jonathan Hirons: Musician and filmmaker

I have always made movies, starting with a borrowed 8mm camera and a few friends making 3min shorts with no budget.  The arrival of digital video has transformed my life  as  I can now produce high quality films with much smaller budgets.

I produce business videos and  I’m currently writing and producing a documentary about Queens Crescent Garden in Exeter.

I have worked in community radio as a presenter where I also wrote and produced the annual radio pantomimes.

In my music world, I play guitar and [sometimes] sing.  I have been in several bands – most recently  with Urban Blues and Blazin’ Blue

In case you’re wondering, the title Buffalo Lounge came from a friend of mine, Robert Gray.  We were recording some poetry and the line ‘Is there still tea in the Buffalo Lounge’ came up and it stuck.

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